Sunday, November 4, 2012


Two weeks ago Keith and I made the trek to Florida to celebrate something very special and meaningful to us. My Aunt Kathleen who has been like a second mother to me my entire life, and someone that I proudly call a friend and confidant- got married to the love of her life, my Aunt Renee. Their kind of love is one that sparks controversy, especially around election years, but I wish that everyone who opposes them could just take a peek at their lives and see what true love is. They choose to live their lives together even though its HARD and it takes work, they don't stay together because it's the easy way to fit into society. Their relationship is one that Keith and I look up to, and hope to model our own marriage after. We couldn't feel more thankful to have Kathleen and Renee in our lives, and we feel honored to be loved by them every day. Whenever we need something, they are always there to give 110%, no questions asked and no judgements passed. They mean the world to us, and if you don't support their kind of love, I can't understand you.

Thank you Kathleen and Renee for allowing us to be a part of your special day, and for putting up with both of our BUCKETS of tears during your vows haha. We love you always!

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  1. "if you don't support their kind of love, I can't understand you." - Couldn't agree more!

    Congrats to your sweet aunts!!! :)


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