Monday, November 5, 2012

Key West!

So obviously our trip to Key West was QUITE a party, I'm sure if you follow me on instagram you have some idea of the shenanigans that went down. There is not enough space in this post to accurately describe all the great stories of things that happened there... but hopefully these photos will do it some justice. (be prepared for a heavy one)

It all started with a late flight in to Ft Lauderdale followed by drinks with old friends at the Blue Anchor

Then a little late night swimming at my parents house, and brother Jake getting dressed and ready for the trip to Key West

Thursday we packed and readied all the vehicles for the trek south

Back seat party

The Brides and their son Jack opening up the party box from my Uncle Chris

Peter testing out the beer helmets

All the party van people!

Jake couldn't hold it, so we stopped on the side of the road,  and he proceeded to pee for literally 5 minutes

BEAUTIFUL views on the drive through the Keys!

I got annexed to the front seat for not partying hard enough in the back seat, notice how not upset I am haha

First stop was in Islamorada for drinks at the Tiki Bar, Jake didn't hesitate to test out the water first

Tres Amigos and my father

Aunt Liz and Aunt Cindy

Family :) 


Kathleen and I reliving out photo from 2008!

After we arrived at the house in Key West and Kathleen and Renee had their ceremony, the party began with barbecuing and this crew of men drinking whisky

and then getting in the pool

in their undies...

and then dancing on the counter tops

Friday morning we all rented bikes and began our adventure around the Key!

First stop was the hogs breath 

to toast the bride with Key lime shooters! These things are dangerous...

two of my favorite people :)

next was our favorite bar in town, The Green Parrot, for beers and pictures with the creepy wall decorations. 

Then it was off to the beach!

We went back to the house to eat, nap and recharge, and then we set out to find a good time (and peter drank vodka and orange juice out of the beer helmet

Tres Amigos at it again

and then Gaynelle got attacked by a green man

Lots of dancing at the Hogs Breath

and more Key Lime shooters

The dart champions

This is one of those photos no one remembers being taken haha

Saturday morning we set out on our bikes again to do some shopping around town

Do I look sleepy?

Family bike riders

I got some new Kinos, and so did my mom and aunt... we're really fancy with our colors haha

Then we had an unintentionally large group lunch at the raw bar 

and then went to the most cliche dude bar in the world. Think... MTV spring break, complete with girls in bikinis wearing heels and a DJ playing dub step

best people watching of my life

Then it was back to the beach because Tennessee is lacking in ocean

Key West sunsets are next to nothing


To see the best of the sunset we met up with the whole wedding crew at Mallory Square


My beautiful mother!

Chris and Heidi

the beginning of any good family photo

and here's the outtakes haha

getting in to the spirit of the weekend... true lovers

the Bennett/Manwaring family!

my parents

and Keith and I, looking at someone elses camera... oops

My mom and her siblings, just missing one.. my uncle Paul

Getting my chocolate dipped piece of Key Lime pie.. and someone tried to photo bomb me

Sunday morning we had to pack everything up and head back to the north so that everyone could get back home, we just had to get one more shot of everyone on their bike before we returned them

On the party bus on the way home we tormented my cousin Jack a little bit...

and here are a couple photos of the beautiful home we stayed in! it was actually a few houses together connected by a great patio and private pool. 

SO PERFECT for party central. We didn't want to leave at all!

Lastly I leave you with this photo of Jack eating some $50 king crab legs before Keith and I caught a flight back to Nashville... this kid has class haha

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