Thursday, December 6, 2012

An Update

Going through all the photos and posts that I had intended to write over the last month, I realized that it would be a little silly to try and devote a singular post to each event. Time seems to be moving faster and faster and I will say... there are definitely days that I have the time to sit down and blog, but I usually opt to spend a little extra time on the couch with my boys. It just hasn't seemed like a priority right now, but I will say that I miss it more than I thought. Here is a little post with some photos from October (and maybe November?) that I've been meaning to share, in no particular order:

Our last week of chair set up at church! We've made some great friends over the past year running the set up team, but we're happy to have Sunday mornings to ourselves again :)

Richards family pumpkin carving! This year we got two (mostly just to have double the seeds for roasting) but it quickly became a competition...

Can you tell whose is whose?

On Halloween night we drove down to Smyrna to hang out with our friends Brittney and Brandon who live in a neighborhood that we HOPED would get trick or treaters, there weren't many... but Brittney and I were prepared!

Shelby Park bike rides with my favorite boy. The weather this fall was pretty amazing (and winter hasn't been too bad either...)

Mas Tacos dinner dates with the Bergers, we like to introduce them to tasty spots in Nashville

This one time the boys wanted to go to a Titans game so Jamie and I had an ULTIMATE GIRL DAY but then the Titans were losing so badly the boys wanted to go home... which really rained on our pajama party parade haha

This cat and his bladder problems... oh Theo

A very chilly day at the last Musicians Corner of the season. and YES my hair is being used as scarf here, use what you've got!
Let this be a promise that I will be more diligent about posting and catching up on our lives even if it's just for our own sake...

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