Saturday, December 29, 2012

Florida Christmas

After we left Keith's family in GA on Wednesday morning, we drove 10 hours to my home town of Boca Raton, FL. Since then we've been doing our best to spend every moment we can with my family and enjoying the warm weather (while watching video of the snow falling in Nashville and around the Northeast, ha!) So far we've done a lot of eating, napping, shopping and eating... all of our favorite things! Here are a few photos from my phone and camera that are worth sharing:

roadtrip faces

listening to music and having good chats with my parents 

Ellie, the strangest cat in the world

putting christmas presents to good use 

visiting Katelyn house and testing out the pool

Kate and Anna

Lounging at its finest

Anna friend (who is moving WAY too far away)

favorite dessert from my favorite restaurant

Saturday morning family runs


and finally... a haircut! It had only been like... 2 years? gross

We'll be here for just one more full day before heading north to Ocala to spend New Years Eve with my aunt Kathleen and her family. Why does vacation always seem to go by so quickly???

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