Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Few Snaps

I've been a teacher for quite awhile, but this is the first year that I've been the lead teacher of my own classroom (and not teaching in the projects). I had never even put any thought into these lovely things known as... TEACHER GIFTS! It was a wonderful surprise and left me feeling lots of love from the parents of the kiddos that I spend all my days with. I made out with a TON of baked goods, and a nice handful of gift cards. We went back and forth on what we wanted to use them for, but in the end it seemed most appropriate to buy something that could be practical for us AND practical for the classroom. And THAT is how I got my hands on a brand new digital camera (I haven't had one for nearly two years, boo!)

Here are some photos that I snapped of our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Ball Ground, GA:

New toy

Watching muppets on the couch

Everyone gathered around

Not even ALL of the presents!

"testing" out some cookies in the kitchen ;)

Mom and I

The boys getting ready to take a Christmas shot

Himself and herself

Some Christmas wonder

Christopher opening gifts

Tami and her fancy new scanner

JoeDad's sister Colleen opening gifts

New zombie skeleton gnomes for the yard haha

Christopher trying out Papa's new helicopter toy outside (and crashing it haha)

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