Monday, December 24, 2012


This is more than a month late, but here it is...

This years birthday was a great one! It happened to fall on the day before Thanksgiving, and knowing that most of our friends would be headed out of town we decided to celebrate a few days earlier. We started with dinner at one of my favorite restaurants Mas Tacos with lots of great friends and then we moved the party to a new brewery on our side of town, Fat Bottom. It was a fun night of chatting and catching up with friends, enjoying great food and great beers. Just what I wanted! On my actual birthday, I had to work but Keith had the day off so he brought my lunch at school and got to meet some of the kiddies and coworkers. We finished the night with a really delicious dinner at Lockeland Table and just relaxed and got ready for a quite Thanksgiving weekend together. It was wonderful! Thank you to everyone who got together to celebrate with me :)

Some before pictures from before we left the house haha

my husband's cute :)

Brittneys panorama from the restaurant

Getting us tables and food, and arranging everything for the night!

Brittney and Brandon

Isaac and Tytus

Bennett and McKel

Jamie and Cory

When we got to Fat Bottom we had a table reserved for us, but I must admit, the waitress and others that had read the sign were just a LITTLE disappointed to find out it was a different Keith Richards who showed up haha


Keith with the Butchers

Autographing the reserved sign at the end of the night, the waiter insisted haha

Jamie, McKel and I at 308, our last stop for the night

And just for fun, here are some of my birthday posts from years past: here and here

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