Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Spirit

This year we have traveled far and wide to visit both of our families for Christmas thanks to the VERY generous winter breaks that we both got from our jobs. That being said, we're spending a significant amount of December away from our house, so Keith gently suggested that MAYBE we not get a Christmas tree for our living room... but if you've scrolled even a touch you'll notice that he didn't win that battle :) We grabbed a tree at our usual spot, and waited probably a little too long to decorate it haha. Still, I'm so happy that we had a little bit of Christmas cheer to brighten our home even if we weren't there to appreciate it for very long (although I like to think it makes Theo happy to have his special "toy" there while we're away haha) Merry Christmas!!

Long and funny story: two years ago when we bought lights for our first tree we went with LEDs in an effort to be eco friendly, but once we plugged them in and realized they were BLUE we vowed to return them. They somehow made their way into our Christmas box and this year we ended up with a slightly larger tree than normal. So when we put on our pretty white lights and they hardly made it around twice we KNEW we needed something else to fill it in but neither of us were committed enough to go back out to the store and buy more. Enter: LEDs coming back out of the box with claims of "they can't be THAT bad!!" but alas... I present to you... our hanukkah tree haha Oh well, next year we'll work out something better!

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