Thursday, April 12, 2012

April Update

Talk about a BUSY week! We haven't had one free night since this past weekend and things aren't looking like they're going to slow down any until the end of the month. Craziness! Here is a little recap of what's been going on with Keith and I:

This weekend my wonderful husband will be turning 26! We're celebrating with a trip to Atlanta tomorrow with our great friends Carolyn and Isaac so that we can see Keith's family, and enjoy opening day for the Atlanta Braves. You may remember that we also got a chance to go last year, and since it always happens to be near Keith's birthday... I'm sure this won't be our last opening day at Turner Field. We're really excited to get out of Nashville for a little bit, to have some one on one time with Carolyn and Isaac, to sneak in a little Ikea shopping and for Keith to get to be with his family on his birthday for the first time in who knows how long!

On the job front: I mentioned that I was going to be the Art Director for Oak Hill Day Camp this summer and I'm getting more and more excited about it everyday. Last week I got a chance to take a look at my room and start the mega task of organizing the supply closet so that I could take inventory. I went ahead and made my order for the summer (with the largest supply budget of my LIFE!!!!) and now I'm just fine tuning my lesson plans and making sure I have tons of options for our 8 weeks. I feel like the independence of my after school job really set me up well for being able to plan and shop and get everything ready for a curriculum on my own, and I'm glad that this camp job can be a perfect next step from that. Thinking now about post-camp... I'll have my second interview on Monday with the charter school East End Prep, an offspring of the community center I've been working for here in Nashville. The position that I'm interviewing for is a teaching assistant, which would help me get some more experience, but also be a way for me to work full time with a salary and benefits. I can't even let myself think about that awesomeness yet haha. Again, trying not to put all my eggs in one basket... the preschool that I have been subbing for is desperately hoping that I will join their staff when they have an opening this July or August which would also be a great opportunity with similar benefits. So now my little micro-managing brain is just hoping that I can get all this figured out like, yesterday, because all this uncertainty is bound to make me crazy haha.

One more tidbit, 2 weeks ago I had a terrible tooth ache which has led to me needing to get all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled, yuck. As much as I'm ready to just be done with it, I honestly can't work out a good time to get it done! Here's hoping that I can find a way to reschedule so that I don't have to have a chipmunk face at Trent and Jordie's wedding, whomp whomp.

and with that, we're off to Atlanta! Here's to a great birthday weekend!

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