Thursday, April 19, 2012

Home Office

This weekend while we were in Atlanta we got a quick chance to stop at Ikea and pick out a new desk for our new home. We had previously been using my desk from college, but it didn't fit very well and the color didn't match any of the other furniture in the room, so we were on the hunt for something a little more simple. In our new house we have the benefit of having a bunch of space at the entryway of the front door, and it looked a little awkward there without anything to fill the space. As much as we always thought a guest room would be a good place for an office, we found that this was a good way for us to NEVER use the desk, or the calendar. All that put together is how we decided to make the wall of our entryway into a mini office! That way the calendar is right out in the open and a perfect reminder of things that need to get done, and I can use my computer and still be able to hang out with Keith in the living room. Best of both worlds! We love how things are coming together in the house and how it's already feeling like home even after just a month of being here. So excited to show it off to my family when they get here in a week!

Keith is the designated builder in our home, so I was pretty proud when I managed to build this chair all on my own :) 

Our new "office" complete with framed diplomas! We're so fancy ;)

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