Monday, April 2, 2012


Saturday we ran our first 10K in preparation for our upcoming half marathon. The only way to describe it? ROUGH! We've been training for months but it's still not any easier. This months race will truly be a test of our endurance and perseverance... thankfully though we still have the month of April to get ourselves ready, and practice things like what we're eating (or not eating) pre and post race. The course that we ran Saturday will be part of our half marathon course so we're happy that we know a little better what to expect on race day (and which hills will be the most grueling, ugh). On the bright side the weather was amazing, and we got to see some beautiful parts of the city... when we weren't totally hating our lives haha. Here is a shot of our post race smiles (which were only slightly fake):

In other, extremely awesome news: I just got hired as the art director for a camp here in Nashville! I know I have written briefly about my recent job struggles. As much as I love my after school job, it wasn't enough and wasn't going to carry on through the summer. I have a few things that I'm still waiting to see about for the new school year, but this is going to be a really awesome and fun opportunity for the summer! Before I went to interview I was nervous it was just going to be a glorified camp counselor, but I was really impressed with their offer, and look forward to having my own classroom and to plan a great curriculum for the summer. Here's hoping that this is just the beginning of some great new things in our lives and my career!


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