Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Twenty First

So while most of this weekend was spent celebrating the birth of our own Keith Richards... but when we got back into town on Saturday night we flipped and got together with friends to party with Jordana for her 21st birthday! Last year we had a joint party for the birthday kids, but 21 deserved a celebration all her own :) We weren't able to make it to dinner, but we met up afterwards for drinks at the local speakeasy, The Patterson House. Being that it was 9:30 on a Saturday night and we had a large group the wait was a little ridiculous, so we had a couple pre-game drinks at a bar down the street and then headed back to check our status. After another half hour of waiting the hostess let us know that she only had a table of four and the rest of us would have to wait another hour, ugh. With some quick thinking, we decided to let the birthday girl go on ahead and the rest of us walked back down the street and had dinner since we were pretty starving anyway haha. After dinner the group that had gotten drinks was finishing up and we met them back at Jordie's sister Sammie's house to eat cake and dance in the kitchen for a little bit. Here are some photos from that part of the night:

Silly birthday buddies haha. Again, Happy Birthday Jordie! Congrats on FINALLY being legal to drink, and to being a little bit less of the baby in our friend group haha

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