Monday, April 30, 2012

Old Number 7

Mom and Jack

Last summer when my Aunts and cousins were in Tennessee we took them down to Lynchburg to see the Jack Daniel's Distillery, but if you remember, I also mentioned that the only disappointing thing about our tour was that Lynchburg is in a dry county and therefore: no tasting of the Tennessee Whisky. Mind you... I am no lover of straight whisky, but after the whole tour and learning about the history of the distillery it's hard to not want to try just a little sip. I mentioned this to my father and he mentioned it to the liquor rep for his restaurant who quickly informed him that it would be easy enough to set up a private tour that would include a tasting. Um... YEAH! Sign us up! My parents arrived in town on Wednesday night, and Jake on Thursday morning so as soon as we picked him up at the airport we began our drive south to Lynchburg. We took the tour and learned a few new things, but then we sat down in a private room to begin our tasting with Randall. He started us out with pure (and clear) un-matured bourbon, to give us a comparison between that and the Jack Daniel's "Tennessee Whisky" which is drip filtered through charcoal. Gross, but definitely interesting! Then we moved on to tasting and comparing all of their different varieties of whisky. I probably wasn't the one who got the most out of the whole tasting experience because to me it still all tasted pretty damn near poison, but I know that the men and even my mother really loved learning about the differences in flavor and color, etc. between their products. Now I feel like Keith and I know enough about Jack to be legit brand ambassadors hahaha. After the tour and tasting we made our way (slowly) back to Nashville and enjoyed some drinks at Holland House (where we totally sat next to KD Lang!) and then dinner at The Pharmacy. Overall: awesome day! 

Waiting for our tour.

On the bus up the hill.

Our tasting setup. If Keith could have sat their all day tasting...

Like I said... he would have totally finished those glasses haha
A group of new-found Jack Daniel's lovers.

At Randall's recommendation, we tried our chilled Tennessee Honey over vanilla ice cream... TO. DIE.FOR.

There are still one or two photos from that day that are on my dads camera but I'm much too impatient to wait for him to send them... so you'll just have to deal with seeing that in another post ;)

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