Saturday, August 4, 2012


This past weekend we ventured southeast to Georgia to celebrate the birthday of a very important man: Keith's grandfather! I ended up getting an extremely painful sore throat while we were there (why does something ALWAYS happen to me in Georgia?!) but we still were able to have a great time at Papa's party and really enjoyed seeing Keith's whole family in one place. The other great thing about this weekend was that Joe-dad's good friends Meg and Mike from Philly who were like our second parents when we lived there, were also in town, so we got to catch up with them as well! All around... great times, just wish I had felt a little better on Saturday night and Sunday morning. Here are some photos that I snapped at the party! Keith's mom did such a great job putting the whole thing together!

Driving through the mountains, all too familiar.

Mom and Joe-dad's new kitten Ozzy!

We were best friends :) 

Papa's cupcake scooter cake

Some classic photos, I helped Tami put those together!

Love love love this one of Keith and his grandfather hahaha

Blowing out the candles

Papa and his grandkids

Keith and Christopher

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