Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Perfect Day

This Saturday Keith and I had one of the most perfect days.

It all started out with a a fluke weather occurrence... a 65 degree morning during the middle of August! As I was leaving the house for Zumba and felt how awesome it was, I ran back inside to wake Keith up and announce that it was going to be an outside day (he wasn't so happy about the whole waking him up thing, but at least he was a good sport ;) When I got home we did a few things around the house, Keith made me breakfast and then we got ready to drive a couple miles down the road to partake in the annual East Nashville Tomato Art Festival. We walked around and checked out a lot of the booths, ran into a couple people we knew and then got in line for one of our favorite lunches from the Biscuit Love  food truck. So darn delicious! After lunch we were feeling rather full and sluggish, but still wanted to enjoy the great weather, so we went over to our favorite park: Shelby Bottoms to grab a couple bikes from Nashville's GreenBikes bike share program. We're obviously pretty familiar with the greenway because that is where we did all of our 1/2 marathon training, but it is such a different experience to ride it rather than run. It was such a great little afternoon activity and before we knew it we had biked 6 miles and were ready to come home to relax. The rest of the evening was nice and leisurely, we took a long nap, and then cooked a delicious dinner together that we got to eat out on our deck. We haven't been out there in awhile because of how hot it's been, but last night we both actually thought to ourselves that we were a bit chilly... what a strange August happening haha. Here are some photos from our great day:

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