Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cotton Anniversary

I've posted so many photos from our wedding that it seems silly to go back and force you to look at them again year after year. If you'd like to walk down memory lane with me, here is my initial wedding day post, photos of usthe ceremonybridal partyother important momentsdancingour send off and then last years First Anniversary flashback.

These past 2 years have been such a whirlwind. We've lived in like 4 different homes and each had 3 different jobs. The only really solid thing that we've had is each other, and of course, Theo. I wouldn't trade any of those experiences in, they have shaped us more than we can understand right now and I CANNOT wait to see where the next year will bring us (maybe we could stay at the same jobs though? maybe the same house too?)

As I've been thinking back on our wedding day recently, the one thing that keeps coming to mind is how much FUN we had. For as long and as stressful as the whole thing was to plan, we all had SUCH a blast! Flipping through the reception photos again and seeing everyones smiling faces is the best compliment that I could have ever asked for and I'm so glad that everyone got to party with us on that very important day. Here are some of my most favorite "fun" pictures from August 14, 2010:

People talk about renewing their vows, but can we just go relive that dance party? Without me having to wear a floor length dress in the middle of summer and look presentable for pictures? Because as long as I have Keith by my side the only other things I need are friends and good times. Love you all! My, how time does fly...

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  1. I danced a whole lot at your wedding and I don't even really like dancing. It was a blast for sure.


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