Saturday, August 4, 2012

Last Exhibition

Since my preschool job started the last week of August, I ended up having to leave camp a week early. As excited as I was (am?) about my new job, it was still kind of a bummer having to miss out on what was probably the most fun week of camp. Thankfully I still had the time to make it back over on Thursday night to watch their last theater performance and to hang up the art work students had done the previous week. It felt great to see how much the kids and counselors had missed having art that week, and to know how much my presence was appreciated there this summer. I don't know if I'll ever be able to make it back there for camp again, but it was definitely an awesome experience! Here are some photos of the self portraits my older campers made during my last week (ps- they are hysterical):

This is what happens when kids mess up the eyes, want to start over and then I tell them we can make it work... sunglasses are the only way... and then they look blind haha

Terrifying. This one looks like a little old lady with scary make up haha
my favorite sneaky faced boy :) he was so apologetic when he saw how it turned out haha

Elephant ears.

Angry pig nose?

SO SAD hahaha

and this one... that actually came out really well!

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