Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Go Away

Last weekend we had a little going away party for our good friend Ives at our place since he was leaving Nashville to head back home to Virginia. We were very happy to host since our deck is so hospitable now with the new patio furniture but we could not predict that all the highways on the east side of town would be closed, leaving everyone trying to come over completely stranded. Ooops :( we felt terrible that it took everyone more than an hour to get to our home, but once they all arrived we had a great evening grilling and celebrating our dear friend Ives. Many a good story was told, and many a laugh was shared... we really do have great friends here. As sad as it is to see Ives go, it was such a great excuse to get everyone together for an evening. We miss you already Ives! You better come visit often!

The man of honor, Ives (photo thanks to Jordie)

Our back yard (photo thanks to Jordie)

Ives and Trent (photo thanks to Sammie)

Lady chat time inside (photo thanks to Sammie)

Trent and Jordie, the newlyweds.


Sage headed to sleep and showing off her jambes haha

Pretty ladies

Fire time once the sun went down

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