Saturday, June 23, 2012


This summer has been AWESOME! I am really really really loving my job at Oak Hill Day Camp... it's kind of perfect for me actually. I get to come in at 8am, teach art, play with kids and then head home without too much more responsibility. My previous jobs have really helped me out too though because I don't have to spend much time at all planning lessons, I can just pick and choose from those that I've already done before and know work well. Another advantage is that this camp has never had a proper art teacher, and have always just had the kids make keychains, tie dye and other miscellaneous crafts so they are SUPER pleased with every project the kids do. Every other Thursday night all the parents come out for a potluck, and to watch the various plays that the kids have prepared to put on and I got to hang up their art projects in the hall. All the parents were gushing over the cool things we made and it really felt good to have my hard work appreciated. I'm convinced... camp is the best! I'm going to be really sad to leave at the end of the summer, especially not knowing if I'll be able to work here again based on next years schedule. Regardless, my goal is to continue loving these kids and challenging them to make creative things in my classroom... but also to remember that it's just camp! and as long as we're all having fun than my mission has been accomplished. So here we go... here are some photos that I've snapped at camp this past month:

Getting some help coloring in our room decorations

Art room

Teacher treats: I need to work on wrangling in my addiction to these things

Our set up for the cave painting activity... the kids LOVED being able to paint under the tables, which made the set up and clean up a little more worth it haha

Their very... primitive? cave paintings. They were so proud of these haha

More cave shots.

Silly kid wearing sunglasses in the dark haha

Set up for pre-k campers art... we learned all about fish, and cutting... and gluing haha
One of our "caves" covered in our "rocks"

A few of our Edvard Munch "Scream" drawings

Our sign got moved to decorate the hallway and welcome parents.

Our animals and habitats paintings

Some middle schooler work

Creepy little clay man from our art free day

Fresco paintings from the middle schoolers

Getting ready for portraits next week... I kind of love making the examples haha

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