Friday, June 29, 2012


I know that most of the country is having a ridiculous heat wave right about now, but this is seriously hotter weather than I've ever experienced before. You would think that growing up in Florida would have prepared me for this, but amazingly, living near the beach always keeps temperatures below 100 degrees. Because of the weather, this week was one of the toughest I've had in awhile. Camp can be very dangerous with the heat as high as it's been, so in an effort to avoid heat strokes, the kids spent more time inside than normal, aka, tearing apart my art room and making my brain spin. Granted, this week's pitfalls didn't all have to do with the kids being crazy, I also need to learn to say no to people and not spread myself so thin all the time. Regardless, I'm ready to step into this weekend with an attitude of renewal, so that I can return to camp on Monday with a refreshed spirit and the hope of a little less sun... (did I mention I had to tie dye 300 shirts out on the playground all day for the most indecisive kids ever? I was not using my patient voice today haha)

On another note, the intense heat has made me think of a few things that I am EXTREMELY thankful for this summer, which include:

  • our new house, and central A/C. I get sweaty just thinking about how miserable we would be in our old house right now. 
  • having two cars with working A/C... again, we've been through a hot summer with no A/C in the car and it is just miserable. 
  • living in a country where we have access to clean drinking water. I have had close to a gallon of water today and I'm still feeling dehydrated. I don't even want to imagine what kind of state I would be in if I had to be outside without being able to stay hydrated. Scary scary thought. 
Because of those three things I feel like I have a lot less to complain about... sure it's hot, and definitely uncomfortable, but we could be a lot worse off. Here's hoping that we can convince mother nature to cool down a bit so that we can actually enjoying being outside this summer... at this rate we're going to be on the couch for the next couple months just racking up an electric bill haha 

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