Thursday, June 21, 2012

Brother Dearest

26 years ago today my older brother Jake was born. Longest day of the year... literally. You should ask my mother about that one haha. Anyway, I feel like Jake and I have gone through many phases of getting along/hating each others guts like all siblings do, and I'm thankful to say that now I can count him as one of my very good friends. Love you bud and hope you're having a great birthday! 

Here are some classics from our youth, excuse me if I've posted some of these before... they're all pretty great:
Let's just say, I probably wasn't always so easy for him to love

But he also wasn't the nicest...

Flash forward to:
The year mom let us take the Christmas card picture on our own haha

Shenanigans on a DC trip

Brotherly love on my 21st birthday

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