Saturday, June 2, 2012


This week literally RAN away from me. My first week at camp was REALLY awesome, and I definitely look forward to sharing some stories... but for now! Lets end this Richards Roadtrip 2012 recap!

I mentioned in my previous post that while we were in New York on Thursday (the 24th) we had planned to adventure down to the beach to check out Coney Island but got rained out (which is totally fine because Cheryl went and took all these awesome photos!) Plan b was meeting up with Amanda and going to the Natural History Museum. It took some finagling to get these plans all settled, but once we got to the museum is was SO awesome. My wonderful husband is such a good sport when I drag him around to countless Art Museums, and it made my heart so happy to see him absolutely light up while checking out all the animals and dinosaurs. He was having a blast, and Amanda and I got some good time to catch up. If you've never been, the museum is HUGE and full of interesting stuff, but its also impossibly confusing and hard to find things haha. Thats ok though! I had my map in hand and navigated us through all the exhibits that we had time to see and my only regret is that we were a little rushed towards the end because we needed to get back to the car to make it to dinner one time. I feel like this is definitely a place we would go back to if we had time, and surely a place we will bring our future children when we visit uncle Jake in the city haha. Here are some photos of our adventures:

Train Station


Keith's favorite bear

Theo's wild brother!

Awkward manatee face

"You've got a t-rex?"

"Yes, we have a t-rex!"

Glowing jellies

The exhibit that we snuck into

Amanda with her favorite turtle

Why can I never open my eyes in pictures?

View of the city from the 4th floor

Old bones

Sloth bears!



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  1. I've determined that there is far too much to see and do and eat in NYC.


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