Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Capital

Richards Roadtrip 2012 Bactracking: Our adventures in New York City ended on Friday the 25th. We said goodbye to Jake and Peter early in the morning and got on the road to Philadelphia... 3 hours later we were having a quick lunch with Gillian and saying hello to her mega-cats haha. After lunch we continued on and made it to Washington, DC by 5pm. Katelyn and Anna welcomed us with open arms and we spent Memorial Day Weekend eating, drinking, exploring and savoring our last few days of vacation.

Friday night we relaxed at their apartment for a little bit, and got all our things settled before walking down the street to get dinner at a local taqueria. After food we made the long walk down to Kate and Anna's favorite bar only to realize that Keith had left his ID in New York and wasn't going to be able to join us. Ooops. No sweat though! Keith's friend Cooper had joined us, so they just went back to the apartment to hang out and the rest of us had an epic ladies night. Lots of drama, and drinks but still plenty of time for Kate and I to chat and catch up. Back at their apartment there was some rock band that got played and then a whole lot of sleeping.

Beautiful night in the neighborhood

Cooper and Keith


Me, Anna and Tia


Ladies night

Rock Band

Saturday Kate had to head to work early, but the rest of us slept in and enjoyed the morning. Keith and I lounged and watched my favorite, Midnight in Paris and then Anna got up and we headed out for the day. We got ourselves some Chipotle did LOTS of walking and then picnicked at the National Zoo (separate post coming with all the photos!) After the zoo Anna Keith and I were totally wiped out so we showered and napped on the couch until Kate got home. For dinner we walked down to Busboys and Poets which was absolutely delicious and a super interesting place to people watch. Next came possibly my favorite evening adventure of our entire trip: laying in the grass in front of the Washington Monument and drinking a bottle of champagne with Keith and Kate. After an exceptionally hot day, it had cooled down perfectly and it was so peaceful to just sit, listen to some tunes and chat about life with two of my favorite people :) I think I was also intrigued with the whole risk factor of being caught drinking at a National Monument haha regardless... no one bothered us and we stayed out way too late just enjoying each others company.

Metro adventures

Scoping out our local

Beautiful Kate

Bottoms up!

Slightly drunk looking happy couple

The Capital


Awkward picture takers

Friend love

Metro antics on the ride home

because this is OBVIOUSLY what you do when there is no one else in your car...
Sunday we slept in again and then Keith walked to the store to get some breakfast supplies. We had a delicious feast complete with mimosas, watched a couple episodes of West Wing (a group favorite) and then walked a few blocks down to a local park to spend the day enjoying the amazing weather. Cooper joined as well and we had another interesting day of people watching (so many crazies in the park!) and then when we were ready for some air conditioning we headed back to the apartment, grabbed some pizzas and drinks for a night on the couch watching movies and playing cards. Such a great way to end our trip! Monday morning we packed up and walked out the door super early for a long day of driving back to Nashville!

Snack of choice at the park

Imitating the park yoga-doers

There were also people we where doing crazy tandem yoga? Keith insisted that we try... we were not as smooth haha

Kate and Anna were better.

The boys awkward cuddling

Our dessert of choice

Kate's awesome idea of splitting the cake haha (and yes, we both finished our halves)

More and more rock band!
Overall, it was AMAZING to be back in DC and to get to do a few things we hadn't done there together before. It's always a treat to see Katelyn and Anna, and ever so hard to say goodbye. I miss these friends so much :(

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