Saturday, June 23, 2012

One Week Ago

Last weekend was packed with good friend time both Friday and Saturday nights. Friday Keith and I got off of work and started our weekend with a couple beers at Yazoo, our local brewery and then had a delicious burger at Gabby's with Tytus. The main event for the night though was to see our local minor league baseball team, the Nashville Sound's because our friend Bennett was slated to throw out the first pitch dressed as a giant tooth haha. Unfortunately it rained like CRAZY... ALL night! so the game was cancelled, but we did drink all the free beer that we could before they made us leave the stadium... what can we say, we appreciate a free beer! I do wish that we had gotten to see Bennett in his tooth suit, but we got to spend a lot of time with him and McKel just hanging out while we waited for the call on the game. Afterwards we went back home to change out of our soaking wet clothes, and later met up with Trent, Jordie and Sammie for drinks. Great night!

This guy LOVES baseball :) so sweet.

Goofing around in the hospitality tent while we waited out the rain. 


Bennett playing around with the water on the tent

NOT dressed as a tooth

Saturday night we grilled up a delicious dinner out back, enjoyed some time with Bennett and McKel here at the house and then once the sun went down we drove to the other side of the city to join the party honoring our friend Sammie's birthday! We danced on the porch, took photos in the photo booth and laid on blankets in the yard just talking. It was a really nice night to be outside, and to wish Sammie a happy 25 years! So glad we could be there to celebrate with her!

Before we left for the party Theo was being real sweet and sitting with me on the couch

Trent dancing up to our car as we arrived (blasting R.Kelly, duh)

The boys... getting down.

They look like such party animals... I promise this was a tame party haha

Trent drew everyones pictures on the glass door to Sammie's house.. I felt ours were pretty spot on.

Especially Keith's haha

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