Saturday, June 2, 2012

Zoo Day

I think this may be the last of our vacation photos that I have left to share, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I'm ready to stop talking about it haha. Can we take another vacation right now please? Or even a stay cation? Responsibility is overrated. 

Anyway, the zoo is one of Keith and I's favorite places to go together, and holds a special place in our hearts because we had our first date at a zoo, and even celebrated our first anniversary at the zoo. It's just the best! So when we woke up with not much to do last Saturday and a zoo in walking distance, we knew where we would be headed! We stopped at Chipotle on the way and then walked until our legs just couldn't go any further. We got to see lots of awesome animals and exhibits and spend some quality time with Anna. Here are some pictures from our day: 

Picnic time

We were SO hungry at this moment haha

Zoo time!

Fancy tiger

We love zoo masks

It's kind of a tradition

Crazy little electric jellies in the invertebrate house

Sleepy gorilla baby


Anna anteater

Dead panda?

Hungry panda!

Red pandas were sleeping so I had to settle for a photo with the statue


Sloth bears are my favorite

Cheese balls :)

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