Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cat Friend

Sorry for spamming you with the same pictures across multiple social networks, but my new phone takes such great pictures that I can't help but share! Theo has definitely switched into summer mode where he lays around the house all day looking for the fan and begging to be pet. I'm loving this because he's usually too eager to play (bite your hand) to enjoy being loved, but now he can't wait to hop in my lap.

He is also not very patient if I'm busy at the moment he wants to be pet. This is the adorable face that he makes as he waits:

And here are my two favorites having a little dude cuddle. They are too cute.

In other, non-cat news, I finally changed our calender to the month of June! I've gotten a little behind recently on our mega wall calendar, or maybe April was just such an awesome month that I wanted to keep reliving it. Now I can finally feel like I know what's going on in our life. Hooray for organization! Now we just need to make some plans for June so I can fill it up. 

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EDIT*** After I posted this photo my wonderful friend Amanda McCleod drew this adorable little sketch of our cat boy:


  1. you and your man are so cute together! And I NEED one of those giant calendars!


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