Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Few Reviews

I seem to be recovering pretty nicely from Friday's tooth procedure and have luckily been pretty pain free. I did have some issues with my pain medication making me ill, but hopefully that is all over and I can enter back into the world of eating anything my heart desires, and not having to worry about throbbing pain in my jaw. Hooray!

Here are a couple movies that we've seen lately that are worth mentioning:

Friday night we went on a date to the movies and saw Super 8 and even though I felt like crud, it was pretty awesome. I thought the story was entertaining, and easy to follow... but had enough interesting details to keep you guessing. My only complaint was that I felt like the build up was so careful and then the ending happened in like, 3 minutes. I guess if they had drawn it out much more I would have complained about that though.... I definitely think it was worth seeing in theaters though.

At the suggestion of this lovely lady, we rented It's Kind of a Funny Story from redbox last weekend. I wasn't really sure what to expect but both Keith and I really loved it. It's a story about a young boy that contemplates committing suicide so he checks himself into an institution before really realizing the kind of people he may find there. Zach Galifianakis was funny in a different kind of way, and it was surprisingly sentimental.

This one is kind of silly, but when I was home alone on Friday I watched All I Wanna Do on TV which is SUCH a 90s movie, meaning Rachel Leigh Cook and Kirsten Dunst had to be in it. It's cute and campy but I kind of loved it. It's about a 1960's all girls school that is threatening to merge with a boys school and the plan the girls put together to save it from happening. It wasn't exactly the same 90s movie plot I was expecting, which made it for a great afternoon watch. I would suggest it for ladies, if you're bored with nothing to do and happen across it on Netflix instant haha.

Now I'm just waiting for Keith to return from band practice so that we can watch Inception together (he's never seen it, and I fell asleep when I tried to watch it. I know... I'm horrible).

Oh and did I mention how excited I am for the last Harry Potter movie....

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! Glad your toofers aren't giving you much pain! :D

    I've never seen the last 2 movies but really want to! Is All I wanna do on netflix? I had looked for it a few weeks ago but didn't see it! :(


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