Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Lack of Pictures Post

It makes me sad that not having a camera has caused me not to post anything to our blog. I promise we've been just as busy doing fun things! Our long weekend turned out to be a great mix of getting things done at the house and relaxing, which means I was a happy camper. We got our lawn mowed, and Keith installed the air conditioning units in our windows, which was MUCH needed because Nashville has been hotter than I can describe. Saturday we fought off cicadas at Centennial Park and tried to enjoy some music now that Musicians Corner has started; maybe next week it won't be so bad haha. Monday we enjoyed our day off with a trip to the pool at the YMCA and I definitely look forward to many more summer days over there (since there isn't a beach anywhere near here, boo). Afterwards we had a great group of people over for a BBQ (the daiquiris were a hit!) and spent the evening hanging out, and eating. The boys played some games outside and sweat themselves to death, while the rest of us enjoyed the cool air inside. I'm guessing that most gatherings for the rest of the summer while have to happen like this because I don't see it getting any cooler any time soon.

This has been an interesting week at work for me, since it was the students last week of school. Tuesday I had the pleasure of walking from the school my students attend, to the Titans stadium. At 1pm. In the sun. Up a hill. I have never sweat so much in my life haha. Thankfully it was only a mile and a half away.

We got to tour the stadium, check out the players locker rooms and the owners suite. It was pretty interesting, but above all the kids had a blast (except for the walk) and were just excited that they weren't in school.

Yesterday the kids had a half day, so I only had to work until 3, but came back around 7pm for a lock in. Please don't ask why I volunteered to sleep at work with a group of 25 middle schoolers, but it seemed like a good idea.... until like, 4am. We took the kids to dinner at Applebees, went to the movies, played an epic game of mat ball, lots of uno, basketball, loud music, a scavenger hunt, pool, and just general non sleeping. We finally convinced the children to close their eyes, and I went and hid in a quiet room to catch a little nap before heading out at 7:30 am. With that being said, I spent the rest of today SLEEPING! Keith called me at noon and was surprised to find that I was completely passed out, but I don't think I've been that tired in my whole life. No more "sleeping" at work for me.

Also, in the absence of my camera I've been using instagram on my iPhone. If you have that app you should follow me!

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