Saturday, September 22, 2012

Climbing Day

Last weekend Keith and I got a chance to relax and just catch up on some things around the house (which are all still slightly unfinished) and on Saturday in an effort to try something new we flipped through our coupon book and decided to meet some friends down in Murfreesboro to go rock climbing. We love spending time with Brittney and Brandon and we had a blast at the climbing gym (even though it was my very first time and everyone had to be patient with me) Now I'm pretty pumped to go back again soon! After an evening of climbing we got dinner at a pub nearby and went back to their place to hang out around the firepit. Thanks Bergers for another great weekend!

He kept trying to get me to spiderman kiss him haha

Brittney was a champion and climbed the craziest course of the night

and while the boys were out back smoking cigars, we MIGHT have placed just dance on the wii

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