Saturday, July 13, 2013

37 Weeks

No picture this week... oops!

Booo, week 37 brought stretch marks. I don't necessarily feel annoyed at getting stretch marks, because I was prepared for that all along, it's just such a tease that they waited until the VERY end when I thought I was home free! Oh well, goodbye bikinis and hello permanent reminders of this sweet boy growing inside me!

Week 37 also came with full nesting mode. We crossed SO many projects off the list, and really made his room homey and useable. The closet has finally been cleared of (most of) our crap and space was made for all of his ;) we also did a complete clean out of the entire house and emptied all closets and drawers leaving piles and piles for trash or goodwill. It's SUCH a great feeling to get things readjusted and reorganized and to purge all the junk we knew we didn't need but just hadn't gotten around to sorting though. It's also pretty amazing how much space we have in our little home! I know it's not going to feel like that for long as we continue to accumulate baby stuff... but at least for now we have some spots to stash things.

I thought that I had missed the boat on Braxton Hicks contractions, but while we were at our midwife appointment she kindly pointed out that I was having one at that very moment. Since then I kind of knew what to look for and realized that I have them all the time, I just don't FEEL them! Glad to know that my body is practicing for baby boy's arrival!

Otherwise... only news is that I'm ready to be done working, and anxious to know when he will arrive. Also, I'm not feeling as tired as normal which is welcomed!

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