Saturday, June 29, 2013

36 Weeks

Week 36 was definitely one to remember, because baby bug took his first trip to Bonnaroo! People told me I was crazy for going so far into my pregnancy, but I was feeling great, and knew I wasn't going to overdo it... so we figured why not! Plus, I wasn't about to let Keith see Paul McCartney and Tom Petty without me. Keith got free passes through work that included access to a large, mostly air conditioned hospitality tent (that had couches!) so I spent any down time I needed there and just enjoyed as much music as my tired feet would allow! Obviously, we didn't stay in Manchester to camp. We bunked with Steve in Murfreesboro which was only a 20 minute drive so at least we could shower and eat breakfast and lunch like civilized people haha. It was so helpful on Saturday to do that because it allowed us to stay out of the sun and heat and not be at Bonnaroo until later when we had bands to see. Overall it was a great weekend and I'm so glad we went! We're just hoping that our boy is this easy going when he actually arrives, because up til now he seems to roll with the punches extremely well ;-) Randomly, at the merchandise tent they happened to be selling onesies, so we picked him up a keepsake. Now when he wears it to preschool he can brag to all his baby friends about how he was there haha.

Aside from Bonnaroo (yet possibly related to?) this week my feet were super swollen... but just in the mornings when I woke up. As I started walking and moving throughout the day it got much better, but that first walk down the hall to the bathroom each morning was pretty uncomfortable for my feet. 

Another thing? I know I've been so insistent on this the entire pregnancy... but I'm SO SICK of working! Not that it's too strenuous or stressful, I think I'm just ready to turn the page and be done. Kind of like senioritis... or that anticipation of a vacation coming up. Every morning now I sulk out of bed and count the minutes til the work day is over, ugh. Hurry up baby! I want a break from my job!

Otherwise all I have to report is that I've been feeling lots of pulling on my right side... kind of like he's trying to rip through my skin. I've had to avoid sleeping on that side because its gotten fairly painful at night, but STILL... thankfully I haven't been losing much sleep in general. Just lots and lots of bathroom trips! Also, at this point I can not even remember what it feels like to not be pregnant. It seems like ive been at it so long that I've just gotten used to it... but gosh I CAN'T WAIT to sleep on my stomach again (and not have heart burn, or a puffy fat face... yah know haha)

Thanks so much for keeping up with us everyone! Baby bug will be here so soon!!!

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