Thursday, June 6, 2013

33 Weeks

7 Weeks to go! The countdown is happening....

Things have started to get really fun this week :) lots of indigestion, and the heart burn has gotten terrible. I have to be really careful with what I'm eating and when, and especially careful about when I take my vitamins. In general week 33 was pretty blah, and I'm glad that it didn't stick around very long. There was one day at work that I just got so hot and hungry that I felt sick and wasn't sure that I was going to be able to work until my due date. Thankfully after some rest, and some good food and water I snapped out of it and baby was feeling back to normal.

Baby bug is getting SO BIG! His head is still down (fingers crossed) but it's making things pretty interesting when he decides to do dances on my bladder. I've also been starting to feel like he's pressing downwards, which is always wonderfully awkward and usually stops me in my tracks. I'm doing fine as far as sleeping and getting around though, still some pain in my hips after I sleep for a long time but thankfully I'm still about to sleep for long periods of time! Random, but so far, I've had no braxton hicks contractions that I'm aware of. We'll see what happens now that I put that in writing though...

As far as goings on for week 33, we spent Saturday afternoon in Murfreesboro helping Steve and his fiance Heather fix up their new house. Sunday my favorite ladies at work threw me a really beautiful shower, and Keith's mom was able to come up for the day to join me. Monday was Memorial Day so we were off of work together and took some gift cards up to Babies R Us to buy some of the bigger items we'll need for our bug (since they were having a great sale). Still no nesting urges though... just LOTS of stuff piling up to be organized in baby's room. At least we have a car seat and stroller now though, so if he comes early we can at least take him home from the hospital!

One last bit of TMI for this post... the worst thing about week 33? Some sort of hormone surge must have happened because my face was breaking out like crazy! Nothing like an extremely pregnant woman with a face reminiscent of a 13 year old, ugh.

Also... no picture this week because we had a friend in town staying in the room we normally take it. Ooops!

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