Tuesday, June 25, 2013

35 Weeks

Week 35 was a pretty quick one! Lots of hiccups for little boy. He seemed to have them every night when I laid down to sleep, and they weren't just little ones... we're talking whole body shake type stuff haha. Hiccups make Keith a little sad because he feels like they're uncomfortable for our little guy, but they make me laugh and are WAY better than kicks to the ribs :)

I've also noticed that I've been moving a little bit slower, which is to be expected. It's not as easy to get up from the floor, and rolling over to get out of bed has become more of a challenge. It also didn't help that our baby bug spent a day or so this week sitting in some spot that kept making my hands go numb. Not a whole lot of fun haha

This week was spent getting some things done in his nursery and slowly but surely crossing items off the list. We had our last baby shower with friends here in Nashville and made a trip to Target to buy all the things we didn't get off the registry but still "needed" (I put that in quotes because this little guy probably doesn't "need" anything more, but we're just so overwhelmed with how blessed we've been by others generosity! He should be all set for the next year!) Also this week I made a laundry pile the size of a mountain with just baby stuff! It's pretty incredible how a person that small who doesn't even live in our house yet can accumulate so many things that need to be washed ;)

Last little random bit of information for the week, I've noticed that more than usual when I drink something I've been swallowing wrong. Like... going down the wrong tube and having to cough like a lunatic. I wouldn't say that I've choked on anything, just throughly embarrassed myself in front of others daily. Whether this is a pregnancy symptom or not? WHO KNOWS! 

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