Friday, March 22, 2013

22 Weeks

Hello all! First things first, thank you so much to all our friends and family who have been loyally reading updates about us and baby bug each week. This blog was always started as a place for us to make sure our families had a chance to see glimpses of what we're up to, since we stubbornly chose to live places that happen to be far away. Now more than ever I feel like we have been wanting to keep everyone in the loop, and we appreciate you all coming along for the ride as well! This baby is pretty dang loved already and it's SO cool to see!

We had a baby appointment in week 22, which is the best because we got to hear his little beating heart. I don't think I'll ever get tired of hearing that sound :) I'm already locked into paranoid new mama mode where I worry something is terribly wrong with baby bug (even though I feel great and have no real reason to be scared). Normal, right? Anyway, going to see our midwife always calms my nerves... at least until the next appointment haha. One of my bigger concerns this time around was that I still can't feel him moving very well or very consistently, and I know from friends that this is prime time for little baby kicks to be coming out. Anyway, we walked into the exam room for our appointment, the midwife looked over my last ultrasound and before I could even ask a question she said, "So... you can't feel him yet, can you?" how did she know that... is she reading my minddddddd. She kindly let me know that my placenta is located directly on the front of my tummy where I would be feeling his movements and it's acting like a little cushion between he and I. I guess it's not as common as other placenta placements, but theres nothing wrong with it... just means I won't be feeling him consistently until he gets a bit bigger (and starts kicking HARDER) so I'll continue being patient.

This is also the week that my dad totally jinxed me! I talked to him Sunday night and he asked, "Is your cold coming back?" I told him no no no, I'm done with that! And then of course I walked in from work Monday night scoffing about how right he really was. Damn cold and congestion! Leave me alone! Someone at work told me though that since I work in such a germ filled environment and I'm constantly exposed to things, that this baby has a good chance of having a super strong immune system haha. Let's make some lemonade out of these lemons! This cold was a little tougher though because after a month of feeling sick myself, I finally passed it on to poor Keith. As if being up all night with my congestion snoring wasn't bad enough, now he's got a sore throat and a yucky cough. Oops :/

Along with the ups came a couple of downs for the week. I'm finding, now more than ever I have a tendency to get extremely overwhelmed when there are too many things on my plate and I feel like I can't catch a break. This usually concludes with me getting overly emotional and not being able to do any of the things that were making me overwhelmed in the first place, geeeezzz! Last weekend I had a conference for work to be at in the morning, Keith was helping friends move and I joined them when I was done. We were rushing to find food, and got home with no time for a nap before Keith was planning to head out for the night to a show, I had things to do for work, but the internet wasn't working... all silly things that shouldn't have been a big deal but I was exhausted and frustrated that we didn't get to have a relaxing weekend. Keith has been great at trying to calm me down, and of course, to help get things done. I need to start putting less things on my plate, and not taking it so personally when I physically can't do as much without resting (aka, forgive our messy home).

Besides all that, we were pretty blessed this week with some EXTREMELY generous gifts off of our baby registry. Like I said before... this baby is already SO loved, and its almost overwhelming (not in a bad way!) to see all the ways people are showing that to us. Having "baby stuff" in our house is making me antsy to have him here and to USE it! Plus... these tiny clothes? Oh my gosh, I just want to dress him up all day haha

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