Friday, March 1, 2013

20 Weeks

HALF WAY! This is a terrifying thought, but exciting at the same time. I feel like I've hardly been pregnant at all, but July definitely feels like its a loooong way away. I'm so thankful that this has been smooth sailing so far, with only a mild bit of discomfort. Here's hoping that I don't jinx myself by typing that haha. Week 20 was particularly pleasant; I can breathe through my nose again, and I've had more energy than I could expect. I'm trying to soak this all in and enjoy it while it lasts because I can only imagine that being 9months pregnant during a 105degree July summer is going to make me a big ball of happiness and comfort (please know that if I yell or say mean things to you during that time, it's just the pregnancy talking).

Recently Theo has been unreasonably needy. Either he's sensing changes going on in our house or he's just trying to prepare us for all the sleepless mornings we have ahead us.... I wish I knew what to do to make him happy! It was a tough week for him which included lots of crying at our door and attacking our feet (and scratching at my head and ripping up the toilet paper). I think he's been getting confused about wake up time because I get up a lot during the night to go to the bathroom. Hopefully this is just a phase...

Fussy cat aside, one of the greatest things that happened to me this week was acquiring multiple pairs of maternity leggings. I know what you're thinking... sure this may be excessive, regular legging certainly fit fine, but if you have someone to give them to you for free? Take them up on it! These things are a dream! Like getting a hug from your clothes all day long. I think that these leggings have made a serious difference for the better in my happiness this week haha

Also, I've noticed that the most frequent question that I'm asked these days is what I've been craving. I definitely am eating more than my usual load these days, but still no definite CRAVINGS. I can honestly say that I've always been a mood based eater, sometimes I want a burger, or a specific restaurant... if I don't get it I won't cry, but would it make me happy? Sure! Not much has changed with pregnancy. I haven't started eating or wanting anything I wouldn't normally eat, and I haven't had any aversions to things either. I just kind of think its humorous that this is the number one question people ask me haha

Ok last thing! A friend from work gave me this adorable little outfit that her son had outgrown, which officially marks the first piece of baby clothing that has entered our home. I still feel pretty overwhelmed at the thought of buying or even registering for all the things we may need in the coming year, but little clothes? I might just have to go and get some more of these!

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  1. YES! More baby clothes! They're the cutest thing ever and will make you and your home even happier ;)


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