Monday, February 18, 2013

It's a....

Ya'll ready for this?

Baby Richards is giving you the most adorable little fist pump of joy, because we found out today that this little bug is a...


It's kind of what we had been thinking all along, and what most people had guessed, but it was still exciting to get the confirmation! We're both beyond happy, and can't wait to see him and meet him. There was just something weird in the back of my head thinking that I was more comfortable having a boy first, plus I'm pretty terrified at the idea of raising a daughter. We were just a little relived to hear the word BOY :) Regardless, bug is healthy and seems very happy in his temporary home! We watched in awe as he wiggled back and forth and stretched his legs out and back over and over. The ultrasound tech spent a really long time measuring everything and showing us every detail of his body. We got to look all down the spine, at the kidneys and bladder and I swear I could have watched his little heart beat forever! We didn't ask for this or know she was going to, but before we left she also showed us some 3D images. They're still pretty weird to me, but so fun to get an idea of what he might look like! I'm not going to post all of those, but if you're curious I'd be happy to share. 

Thanks for all your excitement friends! This little boy is already more loved than he could know!

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