Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Valentines

This year I seemed to have a class full of little Valentines! Our school doesn't directly celebrate the holiday, but we did some fun activities for "heart" or "love" day and the kids (or their parents) were extremely generous with their gifts to myself and my assistant teachers. We spent the day painting hearts, and giving each other hugs and kisses... they are such sweet friends to each other sometimes.

Keith and I didn't do too much Thursday night, he surprised me with my favorite burritos and sparkling cider. We watched some TV on the couch and called it an early night. Friday we decided to go out for a nice dinner but anywhere we called had no reservations or open spaces. After contemplating just getting some cheap burgers in our PJs, we decided to get dressed and just go... if we had to sit at the bar, so what. We ended up getting to Lockeland Table just as someone had cancelled their reservation and we were seated right away. Perfect luck if you ask me! We had a DELICIOUS dinner and dessert and still managed to make it an early night. I just can't believe that this will be our last Valentine's Day as just the two of us! (or should I say... this is technically the first Valentines Day for the THREE of us) I was feeling so sentimental looking at these old posts, you should look too: 20102011 and 2012

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