Monday, February 18, 2013

19 Weeks

I cannot believe we're THIS close to being half way! It's exciting and terrifying all at the same time. It doesn't seem like I've really been pregnant that long, but when you think about it... this baby has been growing since October which feels like a lifetime ago. Time flies when you're growing a baby?

Anyway, what a great week, and SUCH an improvement from both weeks 17 and 18! I'm still blowing green snot, and I have sinus headaches here and there, but I don't feel sick like I did last week. Remember way back at 14 weeks when I was mean and angry all the time? It seems like I'm in some kind of hormonal upswing because I've been pretty happy and lovey all of a sudden. I still feel great, the back pain that I had been having is gone for now, so for the most part I feel like the same ole me with a growing belly. I have noticed that bending down to put on my shoes is becoming a little more taxing, so I'm definitely looking forward to warmer weather and flip flops! (soon please!) I've almost completely converted to maternity pants (even though I only have one pair) or leggings. My regular jeans still fit on my legs, but keeping them unbuttoned with the belly band just isn't practical for how much I move around during the day at my job. It always just rides up and makes me feel fat/uncomfortable. I will say though, whoever makes maternity jeans... why do you think pregnant women are giants? I'm a very average sized person, and I wouldn't consider myself short but every pair of pants I tried on a target last week (mostly size 2 maternity) were long enough to go down over my feet. No thanks, I'll just stick with the gap (and hand-me-downs for now).

The BEST part of this week... obviously... we got to find out the gender! We've been itching to get in for another ultrasound ever since we had the first, so waiting was NOT the easiest. I had a lot of anxiety about this ultrasound though, and kept getting things into my head that the baby wouldn't be positioned in the right way for us to see the gender, or that they were going to cancel on me, or the machines would be broken. I seriously drove myself crazy about it! I was also starting to think that they may be changing my due date because it didn't feel like my belly had really been growing much recently and I'm still not feeling any definitely baby motion. Regardless... all is well, baby is just the right size, we're still on track for our due date and I was nervous about literally nothing (maybe I should listen to my husband more often when he tells me to chill out?)

So are you ready for the great reveal....

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