Monday, February 11, 2013

"Snow" Day

I didn't know this about Nashville before I moved here, but now that we've spent more than 2 years in this city I can say with great certainty that we have some of the strangest and most unpredictable weather I've ever encountered. I guess it's just a Southern thing to have a week which includes: a mild 50 degree day, a balmy 70 degree day which lead to severe thunderstorms and TORNADOS and then a mega drop down to the twenties which led to 2 days of actual snow. I'm definitely not a winter lover, but I'd much rather just have it be cold, snow, and then be done with it. These weird days where it's warm and then cold are just odd and confusing. Thanks to the tornado storm a couple weeks ago our power was out for about 18 hours, and then just a couple days later the weather man teased us with a snow day. Compared to the crazy dumping of snow they got in NYC, this dusting seems so silly... but here are a few photos from this winters "snow" this still didn't call off school (for me at least):

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