Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cookeville Trip

Last weekend Keith and I had considered the idea of driving over to Knoxville to see a couple of his bands that were playing together, but quickly changed our minds when we were invited to tag along with friends out to Cookeville. Brittney and Brandon had both gone to college there and Brittney actually grew up on a farm not too far, so we were excited to do some sight seeing and see some of their favorite local spots! We started by dropping by the farm to meet Brittneys parents and say hello to some of the animals before we drove up to Cookeville and had dinner and drinks at a new spot in town. The boys enjoyed their happy hour beers and I try to work off some unfortunate car sickness I developed on the way out there :/ The rest of the night we explored the Tennessee Tech campus, drove past a new park, got some coffee, had a second dinner (since I was too sick to eat with them earlier) and then finished off the trip with some doughnuts. Mmmm! We got back to the Berger's house in Smyrna pretty late, so Keith and I stayed the night there and had a great breakfast with them Sunday morning compliments of the boys! We are thankful for great friends and great weekend adventures!

This was actually the night before, the boys went to a concert together in their weirdo matching coats

Keith tasting Brandon's latest brew of beer

On the road


At dinner


Brandon and the Golden Eagle at Tennessee Tech
Climbing things they don't need to be climbing

Like little boys

Pretty girl

Guess while ones are mine?

Late night doughnuts

Our morning breakfast makers!

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