Monday, February 11, 2013

17 AND 18 weeks

I initially wrote this entry over a week ago, but it never got posted because I've been in a fog of sickness, boo. This week (number 18 to be exact) has been full of exhaustion, and lots (LOTS!!) of tissues and snot. I think this really is the cold that never ended, because for most of this month I seem to have had congestion of some sort and my poor husband hasn't gotten any sleep at all because of the snoring it's caused, oops! So... no photo for week 17, this week's will have to do for both weeks, but I'll still let you read the post that I wrote:

"Week 17, I'm not so sad to see you go.... I'll start off by saying that I've really had it easy the past four months. One of my biggest "complaints" is that I haven't felt very pregnant and I know there are some women out there that have TERRIBLE symptoms from start to finish. If that's you, please feel free to call me a wuss haha. This week was hard because I just didn't feel like myself, which I think is probably my body's way of reminding me that I'm NOT just myself these days. I've been silly emotional about things I have no control over, and I've likely been making my husband insane because of it. Also this week... my sinuses! I can't breathe out of my nose and not because I'm sick, just for fun it seems. I've also been getting these acute sinus headaches the past few days that have left me in a daze. Thankfully my body is holding up pretty well despite some back pain and cramping when I'm sitting down for too long and don't have the option of reclining (like when I'm driving, ugh). I've been a champion sleeper (can't get enough) and my hunger hasn't slowed yet. I've been trying to cut back on snacks, but Thursdays experiment led to a very lousy feeling day, soooo I'll be eating away from now on. How many more weeks of winter? I can't stand to be bombarded with artificial heat much longer, I just want to breathe normally again and not get bloody noses weekly. You can take the girl out of Florida, but you can't make her like the weather, or get used to it for that matter."

Week 18 was another frustrating week. Normally when I have a cold I just work through it and wait until it passes, but this little baby bug has not so kindly let me know that this isn't an option anymore. Monday and Tuesday I came home and could do nothing more than get straight into bed and wait for Keith to bring me some food. Wednesday I got to work and immediately knew I couldn't make it through the day, and had to leave. I think this is one of the first "sick days" I've taken in... forever. It has all been such a learning process, and when I had to leave Wednesday I got really emotional, feeling like I had to "give up". I know that isn't necessarily the case, but it was a good wake call that I need to slow things down a bit. I'm still not feeling 100% even today, but hopefully this week I'll be able to finally kick this cold!

Baby is the size of a mango right now, and in just ONE MORE WEEK we'll be finding out whether this bug is a boy or girl! We're getting antsy, can you tell? Otherwise, no big changes to speak of. Some heartburn, still a little back pain, feeling like I weigh 1000 pounds... normal stuff I think!

Fingers crossed there is no more lingering sickness this coming week!!

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