Thursday, March 28, 2013

23 Weeks

Hello all! Another week gone by:

Week 23 was another good one (thankfully there really haven't been any truly bad ones!). Still some strange things going on though... like the extremely bizarre numb patch on the top my belly on the right side. It's generally not bothersome, just feels SO WEIRD to touch and sometimes when I'm bending or stretching the muscles there feel sore like they might have been pulled (therefore causing the numbness?) who knows! Also, little bug did this fun thing where he pushed himself as hard as he could against my belly button for a day which was uncomfortable and more honestly... painful! The next day he kindly retreated though and was even so far back that you could hardly see my bump. For living in a pretty tight space, this little one certainly knows how to make the most of it. He is most definitely growing though, I've been feeling him much more, and my belly has started getting in the way more than usual. There was even a day last week that I was trying like heck to get my sneakers on and tie my shoes... Keith called from the other room asking what in the world I was doing and if I needed help haha. Apparently my struggles weren't very silent. This is definitely a sign that warmer weather needs to hurry up so I can start wearing sandals again! I think the last interesting thing that happened is that waiting for dinner the other night I was approached by my first stranger asking how far along I was. Usually people just stare at my stomach, but I haven't had anyone ask yet. The kiddos at school have also seemed to notice the baby a little more and have been asking to give him hugs, they really are sweet sometimes :)

Aside from all the weird stuff, everything else around here has been normal... just making sure that I'm eating and sleeping enough. Sometimes eating enough really does feel like a chore (taking ALL the fun out of it) there is lots of planning and prepping involved in making sure I have enough food with me each day to not feel lousy. I'm honestly not going to miss the increased appetite part of pregnancy.

Here is a little sneak peek at how much baby bug has grown since we announced his arrival (aka, I know all these pictures are starting to look the same... but I promise things are changing) :

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