Thursday, April 11, 2013

25 Weeks

Sorry if these have gotten monotonous, each week certainly blends into the other at this point which thankfully means that my symptoms haven't really gotten any crazier as I continue to get larger and larger. I have noticed though, especially since the weather has gotten warmer, that I need to be wearing better shoes or my feet and legs are extremely sore at the end of the day. It's amazing what carrying 20 extra pounds on your body all day can do... lets just not mention that this baby only weighs a whopping 2 pounds, ugh.

Some random things I made notes about for the week: I've been oddly feeling a bit claustrophobic recently, like there's not enough space in my own body. I get super uncomfortable if I need to sit somewhere where I can't easily spread out or get up, and need to take a step back when standing in a group of people. Sometimes even on the couch I feel like there's not enough room to breathe, which I think has less to do with actually lack of space and more to do with the cramming together of all my organs to make room for another human inside me.

Otherwise, I've just been clumsier than usual despite my best efforts to be extremely careful. I can routinely be found bumping into door ways or completely misjudging the amount of space my belly takes up. Thankfully I have other people around me to remind me that even though I'm still quite mobile and capable, there are just some things a clumsy pregnant girl shouldn't be doing... like standing on a chair in my classroom to reach something on a tall shelf, oops.

Nothing else too exciting to report! No news is certainly good news at this point!

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