Tuesday, April 23, 2013

27 Weeks

I think I've wrapped my head around being pregnant, and I'm beginning to feel settled about a baby coming into our home... but the one thing I still don't have a good grip on is that this baby is GROWING inside me. Right this minute. There is a moving, living, human being inside of me. It's just too crazy! I must admit that I've been known to roll my eyes at women who seemed so dreamy and naive when they described their baby as a "miracle", but the further I venture into this pregnancy, the more I feel like I must be drinking the same kool-aid. It's so true... it is a complete and utter miracle that our bodies do the things that they do, and without much effort from myself my body knows how to sustain and grow another body. Even on days where I feel like I didn't do anything significant or that I accomplished nothing on my list... I have to remember that I did manage one really incredible thing. I supported the life of another human and helped him to grow just a little bit more. While I was busy sleeping, our baby is learning how to react to the sound of our voices and is practicing for his grand entry into this world. Miracle is really the only way to explain this phenomenon.

Revelations aside... now that we can feel bug moving more and more, my favorite time of day is when we lay down in bed each night and he does flips and tricks for us. The other night when Keith started talking he went CRAZY and now that his movements are obvious enough for others to feel he's been showing off for friends too. Regardless, he always kicks longer and stronger when Keith's hand is on my belly... how does he know?!

In other news, this week I spilled some juice in my lap while I was driving, and I couldn't see past my belly to clean it up. Hopefully my feet are still down there, because everything is starting to be a little more hidden haha.

We had an extremely normal midwife appointment this week... I had to take the glucose test which I passed with flying colors (even though I had like 4 cookies right before I got there, oops) and we're starting to think about our birthing plan, so since everyone always says that things go the exact opposite of the way you plan them... should I just write that I want to labor for more than 24 hours and then be forced to have a c-section? Great birth plan right? Ok, done :) We started our birthing class this week, which I think is going to be great for us. We really don't know the first thing about what is about to happen, so it's definitely going to be an eye opener. The hope is that we walk out of it with less questions and way less fears. We've also learned that I'm pretty terrible at relaxing and turning off my brain... gotta start working on that!

No other significant news from this week to share, except that baby boy seems pretty content to rest his little foot right in my rib. It's not quite as uncomfortable as I'm sure it will be once he's a little bigger... so for now it's just a sweet little reminder of where he's laying while I work all day. Love this little guy so much!


  1. If I learned anything with hypnobabies it was to not say things or think things like "I don't want a c-section" because your body only hears "i want a c-section" and the more you think about it and imagine it happening = the more likely you will have it happen. Just force yourself to say and think of the birth you want and ONLY that. Not about anything going wrong, because you're just putting that into the universe. Positive thinking only.

    and you should really listen to me because I'm the only one of your friends who had a successful unmedicated natural birth with their FIRST baby ;)

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  3. You are the prettiest pregnant lady! I love reading your updates. Babies truly are miracles - it took me a while to catch on to that too ;) I didn't have a birth plan because I figured I'd just go with the flow and I was 50% sure I'd have a C-section anyway since my mom had them with us (that's actually really dumb reasoning) but sure enough, I had an emergency C-section. I blamed myself but I know there was nothing I could've done to change the outcome. I just say: have a birth plan, stay positive and stick with it but ultimately, be open to getting your baby here however he chooses ;)


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