Tuesday, April 16, 2013

26 Weeks

Lets just say that week 26 was not the easiest one we've had so far. I would gladly take months of morning sickness, backaches or whatever instead of dealing with the pain we felt this week. Obviously as you may have seen us post online, this is the week we lost our cat Theo. Keith and I talked about it and both agreed that this was a pretty unfortunate time in my life to deal with a loss like this, just based on my already heightened hormone levels. It was a pretty tearful week to say the least. While I'm absolutely still devastated, I'm thankfully working through the crying fits and trying to find ways to see happy memories in all those reminders laying around the house. I know that not everyone views their pets this way, but in our eyes, Theo was our first baby... the first creature we were ever entrusted with the sole care of. Gosh we loved him, and he loved us and he needed us. He was the best and will never be forgotten in this home. I have a longer post written about this, I just haven't had the heart this week to finish it yet.

Sad sappiness aside and on to some more baby bug updates... Week 26 also happened to be the week we took a trip with friends to Knoxville! I'm quite proud of myself for packing ample snacks to never have needed to feel desperate for food, or sick because I didn't have enough energy. After a full day of car riding, walking, listening to music and generally being awake that's pretty impressive! On another note, for a baby who usually only comes out to play when everything is quiet and still, he gave me some fairly strong kicks during some of the shows we were at... this guy is certainly going to be a music lover :-)

And speaking of kicks, I have some updates from the two year olds (who are actually all turning 3 these days). Number one, I can no longer mention to my class that the baby is kicking me... "Ms Dana, why is that baby kicking you? Doesn't he know its not nice to kick your friends? He needs to listen the first time. I would have to go in time out if I kicked my mommy, is your baby in time out?" It never ends haha INSTEAD! I just tell them the baby is waving hello and that seems to do the trick. And number two... the bluntness is always such a comedic treat. One of my boys whose mom recently had a baby pointed at my shirt during lunch and told me I have milk. Now mind you... I had just passed out their milk cups and could very possibly have spilled some on myself, so I looked down and asked him whether I had some on my shirt or not and he very kindly said no, "in your breast, you have milk in your breast, Ms Dana." That and the never ending question train that leads to being asked things like, "is the baby drinking your blood" or "is he playing with your bones?" It's a good thing I love these little guys haha. Thankfully they love me back even in all their weirdness and LOVE giving my belly lots of extra hugs and kisses. Now if they could just stop passing their germs off to me...

ps- where is this beautiful, full and thick pregnancy hair that people have told me about?! My just seems way more gross and greasy these days, boo!

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