Sunday, May 5, 2013

28 Weeks

Chugging along now in the 3rd trimester.... these weeks have all seemed to blur together. Not much is "happening" or changing at this point, so baby boy and I have just been smooth sailing together. It's days like this that I think to myself, "I don't really mind being pregnant". Who knows what is to come in the next few weeks, but instead of sitting around and waiting for things to get hard, I'll just be content that I'm comfortable and happy and don't have much to complain about. Thank you mom, grandma and all those other generations of good genes that let me off easy so far!

Birthing class is going well! We're learning a lot and it's been helpful to see that we're not the only completely clueless people out there haha. Now I just need to work on NOT fall asleep during the relaxation time at the end, oops.

Speaking of sleep, we recently got a new mattress which has been like sleeping on a cloud! I'm having a pretty tough time prying my body out of bed each morning, and I can already tell that I've had a bit less achey-ness in my hips after a long nights sleep. Groupon is the best. BUT now that we have a new mattress there's another old mattress that we have no space for in the house. We passed along the queen bed from the guest room to a friend because there will be no room for baby furniture if we had kept it. Now we just need to ditch the last mattress, or trade it for a twin and we'll be a LITTLE closer to having a "nursery" for baby bug. This month Keith is planning an Ikea trip for a couple of essentials and other than that... we'll just be finding new and creative ways to organize all of our stuff and all the stuff this little guys is going to have haha. SO if you were ever planning on visiting us, and would like the luxury of not sleeping on our couch... come quickly! The guest room is about to be permanently occupied haha

In other official news, my belly button is definitely an outie. I think it's the weirdest, but Keith has been waiting for this since day one and loves making jokes. Joke's on him though, because while I'm sleeping soundly on our new bed... this clever little bug has been kicking up a storm and waking his daddy up. We're just giving him a little taste of the future after July ;)

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