Friday, May 17, 2013

30 Weeks

Week 30... which means that we only have 10 weeks left. Let the countdown begin!

This week we've switched from kicks and wiggles to major moves. He is definitely getting bigger and taking up much more space. After our last midwife appointment I have a better idea of where he's positioned, so I can tell with more certainty that YES the little thing poking out of my belly is a foot... or more likely, his bum haha. Now when he does kick it shakes my whole body, but he has still yet to wake me up from it. During the day he has started to be a little more active, but I think that may just be because he's too big to hide from me (even if he is sleeping haha) The kids at school are SO curious about him, and want to know his name and what he's doing. A couple have gotten to feel him kick, so now of course I have 10 pairs of grubby little hands trying to touch me all day... they mean well haha. 

Sleeping has gotten a little more uncomfortable, just because my hips have been aching a bit. I've been known to have pain in my hips (thanks Boca Dance Studio!) so I kind of expected this to happen at a certain point. I haven't really found any arrangement of pillows that I can comfortably use to support myself without feeling smothered and hot, so for now I'm just dealing with it and honestly not losing sleep because of it. If things start getting worse I'll do some further finagling.

Now that it's hot in Nashville and none of my clothes fit, Keith took me shopping which has been SUCH a lifesaver. I just got two pairs of shorts and 3 tops, but having a few more things to throw on before work has made getting dressed not feel so daunting. I also went through ALL of the maternity clothes I was gifted by school moms and picked out the things I would actually wear and did a major closet overhaul. Now all of my clothes that don't fit are away and out of sight and my drawers are thankfully uncluttered. I kind of can't wait until this baby comes out and I can bring all my favorite clothes back out... it's going to be like shopping in my own closet haha

Some more bits of mindless information, I am still able to wear my wedding rings. I haven't had much trouble with swelling so far, but as we enter into more consistent 80 degree days I fear it may be imminent (which is fine). At this point I'm just not sure if I should go ahead and take them off so they don't get stuck... or just ride it out. Also (don't hate me) up until now I can happily report that I do not have any stretch marks that I can see... so fingers crossed they won't start popping up out of nowhere. My belly is still RIDICULOUSLY itchy regardless of how much lotion or oil I slather on it. Sometimes when I get home from work I'll just start itching and not really realize until Keith gets home and my stomach is beat red. I know... it's terrible. Otherwise my mood is still relatively cheerful. Patience wears thin, but not really any faster than a normal day. There have been more days recently that I wake up and just don't wanna go to work, but I can't completely blame that on pregnancy haha. I have noticed though that other people are more cautious of what I'm doing or are nervous for me and remind me to be careful (like when I stood on a chair at work to reach something up high and I had 3 women rush over to me to, making sure I didn't fall... and a kid tell me I "need to be careful because that baby could get hurt!") Thanks everyone! As much as I don't like extra attention, since I do feel mostly "normal" I tend to forget that certain things can be dangerous and the reminders are a good reality check.

All that to say.... 10 WEEKS TO GO! (which is terrifying...)

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