Wednesday, May 22, 2013

31 Weeks

Here's another quick update (since this is actually nearly 2 weeks late... oops)

In week 31, I did some swimming at the YMCA. Now that I get out at 3:30 I should theoretically have that luxury more days a week but we're busy busy busy and I have places to be most afternoons after work. Regardless, it felt great to get in the pool and float around for a bit. I'm able to stretch my hips much better under the water, and take some of the pressure off my lower back. My only problem was that for as weightless as I felt while I was in the pool... I felt like I weighed 1000 pounds when I climbed the ladder to get out, yuck.

This was also the week we took our hospital tour. We've been to Vanderbilt to visit friends who had just delivered a baby, but we knew nothing about where we needed to park and go when it was actually our turn to have this bug. We got a lot of great questions answered about hospital procedures and what we can expect during our time there, so I think I have a few less fears about about the whole process.

Speaking of fears! During our most recent birth class we were asked to make lists of all our fears, ANYTHING that comes to mind and makes us worry about having this baby just so that we can start tackling them and making them less... fearful. It has sparked some great conversations between the two of us, and is helping us to feel more prepared (or to be prepared for the unexpected). We want to make sure that we walking in with more confidence than worries.

Random, but one of the biggest things I've noticed myself doing recently is that I am SO forgetful. Nothing major, but I often forget that one thing that was right on the tip of my tongue. To me though, that is the most annoying kind of forgetful! When you KNOW you know, but it just won't come out of your brain haha. And I constantly call the kids in my class by the wrong names right now... I'm starting to feel like my grandmother!

Lastly, we decided this week that I'm going to work up to my due date but not past it. So far I've been feeling great, and I think that continuing my normal work routine has really played in to that. Any time that I get TOO much rest I end up feeling worse than if I just go about my routine, so sitting at home and waiting for this baby to come is not really part of my plan at the moment. As long as I'm feeling up to it, I'll be going in to work... My due date is July 11th, which is a Thursday so unless he comes early I'll work that day and probably finish out the week and then take some time to relax that next week (or weeks??)

Can you even believe that May is almost over and that July will be here in no time?! 9 MORE WEEKS TO GO!

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  1. This is INSANE to me. I feel like it flew by!! Not sure if you're feeling the same way but I feel like you're having a fast pregnancy. lol! I love that his due date is July 11th - I told you that's the birthday of both MY brother and Ronnie's brother, right? Crazy! You look so amazing and I wish I could rub your belly - with permission of course. haha


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