Monday, July 2, 2012

Camp Art

Last Thursday was our second "family night" since camp started and I was excited to get to showcase all the great things that my campers made during the two week session. The self portrait project that I did with my little campers (ages 3-5) might just be one of my favorite projects I've ever done with a group. They were A LOT of work on my part, but they came out SO cute. Parents were thrilled, which always feels good :) Here are some photos of our "exhibition" hallway:

My elementary groups made stamps, and then printed them

They also got a chance to make and paint clay pots.

We briefly learned about Jackson Pollock and then each group made a collaborative action art piece

They turned out REALLY well, and are actually still hanging up in the hall.

A little detail of their splatter work

Our little camp hall of fame! They painted the portraits, drew the faces on with crayons, then collaged their frames. They all really loved picking out which was theirs to show their parents. So dang cute.

and more...

Lastly, here is just an action shot from earlier in the week of the kiddos making their pollock paintings

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