Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Birthday Concert

This past weekend my uncle Chris and his girlfriend Heidi came to visit us! We had such a blast showing them around town and taking them to some of our most favorite places to eat. The main event for the weekend though was seeing Ringo Starr play at the Ryman Saturday night. What a crazy amazing experience to be able to say now that I've seen a Beatle play live! Can't thank Chris enough for that one haha. One of the reasons Chris was so adamant about seeing this show was that it was his birthday, but also Ringo's birthday too. Needless to say it was a VERY fun weekend, filled with food, drinks, laughs and good times. Here are some photos from our adventures:

Before they even arrived, Theo welcomed their arrival by finding a nice spot under the covers on their freshly made guest bed. What a brat...

Right off the plane we drove them over to Yazoo to have some local beers and to catch up. 

We obviously had a great time because we left with 3 growlers of beer hahaha After this we proceeded to Mas Tacos where we nearly finished them all. Oops.

Saturday at noon Ringo did his annual birthday "peace and love" broadcast at the Hardrock downtown, so we made our way over to join the crowd in singing happy birthday. 

Peace signs all around!

Afterwards we walked over to Hatch Show Print to check out the posters that would be selling at the show.

Then we took them on a tour of the Belmont/Music Row area and had a renegade tour of RCA Studio B

Which we also toured the first time my parents were in town!

Then lunch and beers for the birthday boy at the Flying Saucer.

Dinner before the show was at our favorite, Burger Up. 

Classic photo in front of the Auditorium

A shot of the poster we got for Chris' birthday present... all too relevant because of his shared birthday with Ringo (we got one for ourselves too, come on... he was a BEATLE!)

Chris and Heidi getting ready for the show to start.

Ringo and the All Star Band! What a great show, definitely one for the personal record books.

A shot of everyone on the stage during the finale of "A Little Help from my Friends" which included Brad Paisley, Vince Gill, Kix Brooks, Joe Walsh and lots of others I didn't recognize...

Getting lovey during the show.

After party honky tonkin at Roberts
 Sunday didn't get pictured much because we did our best to just sleep up, hang around the house and all those other great things that come along with Sundays. We did have two great meals: lunch at Mitchell's and a fabulous dinner at Coco's Italian Market in West Nashville. Overall... SO great having them in town and being able to spend some time with my uncle without the glorious chaos that sometimes comes along with getting the whole family together. Can't wait to have them come visit again!

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