Friday, July 20, 2012

Taking Me Back

Talking about a tiring week! But when is it not, I guess. I think that I've finally just admitted to myself that we're in the time of our lives where things just DON'T STOP. We never have a break because there is always something, big or small, going on in our worlds. I can't even imagine what it would be like to bring a child into all this craziness... but then again, I could just be overreacting (and tired).

This past Tuesday Keith and I got a chance to go see one of my most favorite bands from high school, Death Cab for Cutie. We bought these tickets forever ago and in the chaos that is our monthly schedule, we almost forgot that we were going. It was a welcome surprise when we looked at the calendar and actually remembered that we had something fun to look forward to. Since Keith has access to fancy tour history websites, we looked up that I has previously seen Death Cab in 2004, 2005 and 2006, meaning that its been SIX years since I've given them a proper listen. I was worried about not enjoying this concert because they've put out a couple albums since then that I never purchased, and as we were walking into the Ryman we could tell that the crowd had definitely gotten younger since the last time I was at one of their shows. Still though, they managed to blow me away! I counted, and they only played 3 songs from the album they're touring for, and 2 from the album before that... the rest of the set was made up of songs from all of my most favorite cds. It was glorious! I had such a great time singing along to all my old favorites, and it really took me back to high school and the first time that I ever saw them live, which was one of the greatest shows of my life. They're great musicians who put on a great live show, and I can't see myself passing up an opportunity to see them live anytime they happen to be near. For as great as they sounded, and as great as the set was, the crowd there turned out to be pretty terrible. I think that because they played so many older songs that newer listeners hadn't heard before, people were getting restless and talking which is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. Regardless, I had a wonderful time, and it was nice to have a little midweek date with Keith :)

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